Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Consumer Apps v/s Enterprise Apps - II

Continuing on my thoughts on Consumer and Enterprise Apps, here is some more food for thought...

I have been a big fan of desktop/client applications and over last few weeks I have been thinking on similar lines - as to what can be a valid case to have a desktop/client application? Or rather a non-web application?

While trying to find some space for non-web apps, it occurred to me that though web apps have been all over the place, they are yet to find user-base when it comes to enterprise applications.

Like, Google Maps is a cool app and it has a huge user-base but, at the same time, will Google Docs be able to match up to the user-base that MS-Office or for that matter Star-Office enjoys? I doubt.

Is it that web apps are for consumer and non-web for enterprise? Well - there will surely be enterprise apps that will move over to the web sooner or later, but at this point of time, I find it hard to visualize web apps taking over non-web ones, at least in case of enterprise apps.

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