Monday, March 02, 2009

Gender goof up on Orkut

Off late I have decided that I will stay away from social networking sites and more specifically Orkut. However, today, someone scrapped me and I logged in to check that out. I noticed that in the "Updates from my friends" tab there were updates saying that my friend "Mr. X received a comment on her photo".

For those who did not get why I italicized couple of words above: my friend Mr. X is a male and according to Orkut, he received a comment on her photo ;).

Funny little bugs we leave in our work.


M & T said...

Thats really interesting!...I wonder how this is possible, coz the notifications are formed from the user profile stored in orkut's database..Any ideas how this bug might have occured?Did you check that your friend had the correct gender on his profile?:P

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