Monday, November 06, 2006

Windows Tips and Tricks

Have you ever felt the need to access your desktop when you are logged in using some different windows profile which has less privileges?

I have two users on my laptop (like most people), 1) Vivek 2) Others. These days my laptop is generally used with "Others" login for some reasons. And did I tell you that I hate logging off and logging in again, specially when I have around 10-20 programs running (one of which is a browser with around 15-20 tabs).

Now, what do I do when I have to access my desktop? Or some folder under "Documents And Settings\Vivek"?

I use "runas" command. I kill explorer.exe, and start "explorer.exe" again using "runas" (obviously with my credentials passed to it). This will instantly bring up my desktop and also allow me to access my personal folders.

Any better way of doing this?


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Anonymous said...

Man... you are a genius