Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Random thoughts on Google products

Off late I have noticed that I have been spending around 70-80%
of my online time on one of the Google products. Be it the search,
GTalk, news, picasa or socializing on orkut.

Orkut, I believe, is a wonderful product and I personally have been
able to get in touch with few of my old, long-lost friends.

Recently while discussing orkut with my friend, I thought of few more
additions or rather further integration of orkut with Gtalk/Gmail.

Here is my wish-list:

  1. First of all, whenever you add a friend, there should be an option to add him/her to your Gtalk list.
  2. Once you have done that, incorporate Gtalk with offline messaging. If you want to scrap someone, just leave an offline message and tell GTalk to publish it in recipient's scrap book.
  3. Moving your mouse over any of your contacts in Gtalk should show a preview of their orkut profile (again customizable at both ends).
  4. When you join a community in orkut, you should have an option to send/receive community posts using Gmail. If you select this option, orkut should offer to create a label/filter automatically for you in your Gmail (or obviously select an existing filter/label).
All these features will make orkut more widely available. Will specially
allow people to access posts on orkut even if their workplace does not
permit browsing social networking websites.

These are just some random thoughts, will add more if I "storm" my
brain :-)

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Anonymous said...

There is something called Scrapboy to check for your scraps or to scrap somebody in your list